Tomy DeClerque





Throughout his youth, Tomy DeClerque witnessed at first hand the development of Slovenia's electronic
dance scene. As techno artists such as Umek and Valentino Kanzyani found global recognition and the
country's club scene thrived, it presented the perfect opportunity for a young DeClerque to ride the wave.
His first foray into the world of production came alongside his long- time friend Zox. Together they had
early successes with "My Desire" and "Music Makes Me Happy". The latter being licensed to a number of compilations, was also selected by Pete Tong as the Essential New Tune on his BBC radio show.
DeClerque was to take a break from the hectic DJ and producer lifestyle. On his return, it was time to head out
solo. His early work for Circle Music, Sprout and Jesus Loved You, brought him much attention and, over the past two years, he has rapidly built a strong following with his work for labels including Intec Digital, BluFin, 1605, Terminal M, Toolroom, Cr2 and more...
As a young player, Tomy DeClerque has accomplished a lot. But he is determined to accomplish even more. 
"You'll hear a lot about me in the future" he promises.


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