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Real name Marusha Aphrodite Gleiß (born 18 November 1966) is a German TechnoHappy hardcoreBreakbeat and Eurodance artist/DJ, who was on the hit lists in the mid '90s.

Her greatest hit was the rave version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in 1994 (Ger #3, Austria #13, CH #2, NL #6, Italy #20, Belgium (Fl)28), the famous song from the movie The Wizard of Oz. Some other hits were "It takes me away" (Ger #3, 1994), "Raveland" (Ger #29, 1994), "Deep" (Ger #11, 1995), "Unique" (Ger #35, 1995), "Secret" (Ger #92, 1996), "UR life" (Ger #34, 1997), "My best friend" (Ger #73, 1997), "Free love" (Ger #97, 1998) and "Ultimate sound" (Ger #70, 1998). Marusha's career began in 1991 in Berlin with her radio programme "Dancehall" which went out each Saturday on the young people's station DT 64. When DT 64 had to close, Marusha changed the frequency and the name of her show. The Berlin station "Fritz" carried Marusha's "Rave satellite" once a week until 2007. To top this, the media multi-talent Marusha surprised German-speaking television audiences with "Feuerreiter", her TV programme for young people. For 2½ years it was transmitted by ORB and later ARD, and it was considered very popular.


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