Natalia Vici



house / tech-house / techno



Natalia Vici (real name Monika Dominić) was born in 1992 in Zagreb.

Her love for electronic music started in early childhood thanks to her older sister who gave her the CDs which contained various styles of electronic music genres ranging from trance to techno.
She went to her first party when she was 15 years old and that's when her love for techno music was born. After that she started exploring and informing herself about different styles of electronic music more actively.

In year 2015 she began learning how to play and make her own sets which in the beginning were deep house, tech house and techno and later she decided to mostly focus on techno with a dark atmosphere, emotions and story. In her sets she always tries her best to tell a story and bring her audience on a journey in which she puts her whole heart and soul with the goal of making the audience feel her immense love for the music.
She shared the decks with some of the biggest names of Croatian techno scene like Rene Filipović RFL, Teo Harouda, Teo Zver, Active Line Six, Toxic, Matya and Jolly Joke. The clubs she played at include Aquarius Zagreb, Sound Factory, One4One, Boogaloo club Zagreb and her last show (12.8.2017) at Felix Club in Ploče.

In year 2016 she started producing music herself and is currently expecting her first release. While producing, she likes to explore different styles because she believes if she wants to better express herself as an artist, she shouldn't be limited to one style only.

Her wish is to continue her collaboration with other DJs and producers who share the same love for the music as she does and who all have the same goal, to unite through music.


2017-08-22 21:00:00