Mark Ankh




Mark Ankh is a slovenia based producer & dj, owner of a Sound Evolution records. His passion for electronic music first came out in the late 90`s when he got first techno & house cd compilation from his friend. Soon after he started visiting big parties, where they were hosting famous and respected djs & producers. He soon began to devote an increasing amount of time and energy to produce his own music. His main goal and passion is to produce, play & release his energetic style of electronic music. He produces & plays techno, electro-house, trance-techno & progressive house music. In 2005 he started his vinyl, digital & CD record label Sound Evolution records. His digital releases on Trackitdown and Juno digital were among 10 top bestsellers three times in two months. In June 2006 was released unmixed digital & CD compilation – From my Soul with electro-tech-house feeling. It is still among top 5 bestsellers in some shops around the world! In November 2006 a 2nd vinyl release was out – Boogeyman EP – with remix from Ignition Technician and in December will be out 4th dimension EP on famous Hydraulix records with remix from Dave the Drummer. He has support from very respected producers like: dj preach, ignition technician, dave the drummer, tom hades, cave, ben long... His special performance is 90 minutes ABLETON LIVE PA with 100% of own production, so be prepared for his LIVE techno, electro-progressive-house or tech-trance sets!