"First lady of slovenian electronic music"
DJ since: 1994

If it's true that regular change of environment is of key importance for artists, the “first lady of slovenian electronic music" is on a good path to be printed in bold in clubbing annals.

A girl born in Germany was assigned a music career at birth as she only slept if she was given earphones to cover her ears. A bit more than a quarter of a century later she is known as Trick-C and she wouldn't swap her earphones and the adrenaline that she experiences when playing the music for anything in the world.

Trick-C succumbed to electronic music in 1991 when she got her first tape with electronic music tracks. To win the title "the first lady of Slovenian electronic music" (and first lady of slovenian techno)
She worked very hard at the beginning of her career as she was cultivating the hills around her hometown Ljutomer and Pomurje with new techno sounds, and later, having moved to Maribor and then to Ljubljana her network of partners and adherents grew constantly.

With her companion in life DJ Point she worked also a lot in Croatia, especially in Zagreb, at all legendary underground techno locations (Mikulichi, Sator Viva Piva, Valentino) and parties (Ufo Beats, Ponikve open air...), they were among the organizers of the first parties where techno was played all night long on big floor (Pula Borguignon) and even now Trick-C continues to foster the cultural exchange with neighbours as a soloist.

At least as much as a DJ she is known as an organizer of parties. Urban Divas is the name of her parties and at the same time a socially engaged international campaign, within which she and her adherents wish to provide dance floors with additional female touch. Among other events she was involved to several ladies events many of them she also booked and organized.

- Girls action @ Logarovci, Ljutomer, Slovenija, 1996
- Girl Power @ Maribor, Pekarna, Slovenija, 1999
- Ladies floor @ Astralis event, Zadar, Croatia, 2001
- Muffers @ Osijek, Oxygen, Croatia, 2001
- Ladies Update @ Ljubljana, Lipa, Slovenija, 2004 (2 floors),
- Earresistable night, ladies floor @ Lipa, Slovenija, 2004
- Ladies Snatch @ Ljubljana, K4, Slovenija, 2005
- City of woman festival @ Ljubljana, Chanel 0, Slovenija, 2005
- Girls DJ competition @ Bruselj, Fuse Club, Belgija, 2006
- Girly LoveBall @ Brusseles, K-Nal, Belgija, 2006
- Woman Attack @ Ljubljana, Cvetlicarna, Slovenija, 2006
- Urban Divas @ Metlika, Bollywood dance festival, Sl, 2007
- Girl Power @ Ptuj, Super Li, Slovenija, 2007
- Urban Divas Pioneers @ Ljubljana, Cvetlicarna, Slovenija, 2007
- Urban Divas night@ T-Club Maribor 2007
- Urban Divas @ Zagreb, Masters Club, 2007, Croatia
- Urban Divas @ Zagreb, Fanatic, 2007, Croatia
- Urban Divas @ Djakovo, Kollektiv, 2007, Croatia
- Urban Divas @ Ljubljana, Chanel 0 (3 ladies events), Slovenija 2007-2008
- Urban Divas@ Ljubljana, Fun Factory, Slovenija 2008
- Amazon girls @ Gonia, Beach Club, Turčija, 2008
- Urban Divas pioneers @ Ljubljana, Cvetlicarna, Slovenija, 2009
- Urban Divas, Ladies in the house@ Idrija, Klub Kaos, Slovenija, 2009
- Urban Divas limited Edition @ Ljutomer, Slovenija, 2009
- Urban Divas @ Idrija, Klub Kaos, Slovenija, 2009
- Urban Divas @ Inbox, Ljubljana, Slovenija, 2010
- Urban Divas @ Kranj, Subart, Kiss our techno ladies, 2011
- Urban Divas @ Klub Pržan, Ladies finest, 2011
- Urban Divas @ Bodywork III, Spartacus, Murska Sobota, 2012

Trick-C is frequently appearing in the media in her home country of Slovenia, already featured pages and covers of Story Magazine, Nika magazine (addition to national newspapers), Cosmopolitan etc. She has been interviewed for a number of radio shows, web portals and web magazines.

Trick-C. visited in almost two decades of spinning many clubs at home and abroad and played among side renown techno artists such as Umek, Kanzyani, Mistress Barbara, Electric Indigo, Joel Muel, Mary, Marcus Storck, Innigo Kennedy, Veztax, Misjah, Damon Wild....

The past few years she has devoted intensely to creating her own music. The same as when working behind a turntable, she doesn't pay much respect to fashion trends, but rather build her own music story, which was always fed on alternative music. She follows this music philosophy in her latest tracks, which are closer to pristine techno than the impersonal music matrices that have lately seduced the majority of old fighters.

Her first recording »DeTour« was released officially 2009 by the Slovenian techno record label Vezotonik of international renown as an United EP featuring also tracks of various authors. In 2010 she contributed her track Above&Beyond to the Guilhotina project »In Krlox memory«, more releases followed where Trick-C is true to her deep need to incorporate her original sound.

Funky,driving,clubby,dancy techno combined with different styles are the main ingrediants of her creative work. Her releases appeared besides on fresh undeground techno labels also on internationally renown techno labels Soul Access, Glorio Music, soon to come SubCult and Adult's sublabel Groove Worxx.

Trick-C. believes that creative production is a never ending process of personal growth and learning - barriers and time is something music doesn't have. Addicted with her passion to genuine techno she always builds her music story to reach for something deeper and intimate. She delivers emotions in time and space and allows every person to interpret them in any way they want.

Parallel to her techno projects she also started a new project in 2009,after gaining huge positive feedback from renown artists at the Demokr(e)acija 2009 competition with Pete Tong.Together with her partner Point aka Dante Benami they formed a group Future Lovers with music style based on sound elements and music aesthetics of the 1990's - a time when the two project protagonists met each other and fell in love, while deep inside they shall always remain the children of the first rave generation.


as Trick-C:

» Top 20 Highlights From 2011, Unaffected Records, 01/2014
» Linear EP, Vezotonik, 02/2014

» Entire Empire, Valvula Records, 01/2013
» DJ Link - XLR (Trick-C's eclectic remix), Sub Cult Special Series
EP5; 05/2013

» Best of SubCult, V/A SubCult, 12/2012
» The world of Soul Access, Soul Access digi 16, 05/2012
» The Best Of AK Recordings Vol. 1, AK Recordings 04/2012
» V/A, SUBCULT EP 56 EP, Changes, 04/2012
» Trick-C vs Rapunzel : Girls On Groove EP, SubCult, 01/2012
» Underground Club Anthems Vol.1 (Move it), Fever Recordings - 01/2012

» Various EP, Trick-C. Move it (Various artists compilation, Groove
Worxx), 11/2011
» Flames EP (Vezotonik Recordings), 10/2011
» Do you really think? EP (Unaffected Records), 07/2011
» Lifestyle EP (Soul Access Records, 05/2011
» Kids Want Techno EP (AK Recordings), 03/2011
» Kiss My Techno EP (Disturbulence Rec.), 02/2011
» Light Touch track (Various Artists, CPS digital), 02/2011

2009 - 2010
» Tiere EP, Glorio Music, 2010
» "Above & Beyond" track for the "In Krlox memory" album (Guilhotina & Keep on Techno records), 2010
» "DeTour" track on United EP, VA, Vezotonik, 2009

as Future Lovers:
» Night room EP, Dance DP Spain, 2010
» Underground House Vol. 4, incl. Night Room instrumental, 2010

In Press:

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(Cover + 3 page interview) - August 2011
» Story Magazine (2 page interview) - May 2011

Radio Maribor, Digital Delight, 23.09.2011

Radio Maribor, Digital Delight, 15.10.2010

Trick-C @ Nova elektronika, 09.03.2010

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