Martin P.





Martin Erznožnik, Martin P. was born on October 16th 1985 in Maribor, Slovenia. He comes out of musical family. A wide range of electronic music, from the 90's dance music to italo-dance and house music has had a big influence on his entire life. He had his first contact with DJ equipment by the age of 15 and learned all basic dj techniques. That had a big impact on his life from that point on. He started performing live in 2004 and that was the year that changed it all.. In the end of 2004 he bought his first dj gear and started to train his own mixes to the perfection. Having very special dj mentors resulted as being able to have confidence DJ-ing infront of large crowds and making quality music sets. In the following year he played in a few smaller local clubs and highschool parties. 2006 was the year when he became a resident DJ in a well known club in Maribor, Slovenia, where he was combining different wibes of latino, r'n'b and house. Playing at that club got him to meet many DJ's and promotors. A year after he fell in love with various club house music gendres and got residency in one of the best clubs in region. So far he has also played with some superstar dj's: Marious Brasil, Nikki Belucci etc. and many widely known local dj's as well. By the latest influences of music gigs he developed a unique style of playing with mixture of house and minimal sounds. Although, Martin P. is not bonded to just house music. His passion to music reflects in mixing different styles and genres. In other words Martin P. is an allround DJ, playing in several modern music oriented clubs across Slovenia.