Mystic Mountain Festival 2018

Mystic Mountain Festival 2018

kamp Velebit, Baške Oštarije, Hrvaška

Za označevanje pri dogodkih je potrebno biti prijavljen!



Mystic Mountain Festival was born out of friendship, love for nature and inspiration to share beautiful music in a truly mythical natural environment, to drift together through the inner worlds.

To discover new horizons of the inner Self, and, through this experience, to allow the transformation of our lives into a wider, deeper and more magnificent version.

And all of this during the period of summer solstice – one of the most powerful moments of the year.

If you love small festivals with an intimate vibe, this is a place for you.




Kamp Velebit is located in Baške Oštarije; a mountain heaven 920m above sea level. The entire area is a part of the Velebit Nature Park, Croatia’s most significant habitat of endemic flora and fauna declared an international biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

Fresh mountain air, combination of Mediterranean and continental climate, spring water, night sky full of stars with no light pollution, nearby crystal clear sea and unbelievably strong energy of the area strengthen your presence, enrich your sensations and make being there an unforgettable experience just by itself.




We seek for and share artistic expressions which come from the heart, which are original, artists that do not follow trends and directions of the masses, but express their spirit in a unique way.

The concept of the festival differs from a standard psytrance festival scheme. The accent is on daily activities and connecting with nature and our true Self.

Open air main stage will be active during daytime until midnight on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so that you will be able to have a good night sleep in the camp.

However, on those first three days you will also have the opportunity to party on the beautiful indoor chill out stage with a panoramic view of the mountains. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the outdoor party on the main stage will last all night and the chill out stage will of course be open as well.

The program is divided as follows:

  • Party: integrates top selection of various music genres: psytrance, goa trance, psychill, psybient, house, techno, lounge, ambient and performance of bands of original style

  • Insightful: various workshops, seminars, group meditations, individual treatments, artistic exhibitions and performances

  • Adventure: guided hiking tours, frisbee, football, badminton etc., trips to the coast and the adrenaline park – in your own arrangement

The list of festival program and performance lineup will be continually updated. If you wish to share and show off your talents, feel free to apply.



Festival ticket includes camping at the festival venue in Kamp Velebit. This is real a camp which is open throughout the summer season and includes real (not mobile) toilets and bathrooms with hot water showers which will ensure the most comfortable festival camping ever.



There will be a limited amount – of only 300 tickets available for sale so because of the large interest, we advise you to get yours as soon as possible. The venue can accommodate a maximum of 300 guests (400 people with performers and organizers).

Ticket prices for citizens of ex-Yugoslavia countries:

  • Last year attendees (current members of Korijen association): 500 HRK

  • First 150 tickets: 600 HRK (current price at the moment)

  • Last 150 tickets: 700 HRK

Ticket prices for all other nationalities:

  • First 150 tickets: 100 EUR (current price at the moment)

  • Last 150 tickets: 120 EUR

Each ticket is linked to a name and is not transferable until all the tickets are sold. After this if you wish to transfer your ticket to another person, you will be charged a 40 HRK (5EUR) transfer fee.

You can purchase your ticket via Paypal (any bank card) here (just enter the amount and send us your name/names and contact emails in the Paypal note or send them via email). Your name will be on the list at the entrance.

If you live in Zagreb, you can also buy your ticket directly from an ambassador (+385 95 905 5501, +385 99 592 3628).




There are 2 different categories for participating in the festival:

  • Musician – DJ, producer, solo performer or band

  • Workshop host – seminars, workshops, group meditations, performances, individual treatments…

We still accept applications, but not for long so hurry... The selection will follow soon. We don’t accept volunteer applications any more. 

Submit your applications to:


About solstice


Besides indicating certain position of our planet, solstice and equinox always had a higher meaning for humans because they are related to natural energy, yearly cycle and our customs. Regardless of origin and specific nation, culture or religion, the time around solstice and equinox was always special because the language of nature is universal, it is not constrained by human limitations and a while ago, people understood it very well.


You can uncover secrets of these magical moments if you scratch below the surface and explore ancient and often forgotten tradition and culture of your ancestors no matter where you come from. In old Slavic and Croatian culture, tradition and mythology, the truth about summer solstice lies behind Saint John the Baptist Day in Catholic Church or Saint John Kupala Day in Orthodox Church, which also borrowed the original name of this magical ritual – Kupala Night.

From nature’s perspective, Kupala represents the peak of year’s fertility – the sun which creates life reaches its highest point in the sky; the day lasts longest while the nature flourishes with energy and life. From the perspective of ancient civilizations and our ancestors which truly depended on nature and the sun to survive, Kupala represents the victory of light over darkness, unification of earth and the sky, fire and water, men and women. There is an abundance of food and festivals that celebrate life take place everywhere.

In Slavic mythology Mara passes her apple to Ivo in order to commence heavenly wedding, make love and spread fertility over the entire Earth. Among Slavs, the Kupala Night is celebrated through rituals, celebrations and various magical and romantic customs: firing summer bonfire, jumping over the fire, knitting wearing and lying wreaths with candles in water, bathing, setting Svarica on fire and lying her into water. Most of these customs are practiced nowadays through Christian religion. Find out more about Kupala Night here.