Lighthouse Festival 2019

Lighthouse Festival 2019

OPEN AIR Poreč, Poreč, Hrvaška

Za označevanje pri dogodkih je potrebno biti prijavljen!

LHF19 _ innovations: 
Nassraum + Lambda Labs QX
... the most melodious love story since ‚sound of music‘

last year we established a new home of techno, that could easily play in the upper league of clubs worldwide. not only our opinion, underlined by the feedback of last years headliner.

the test is over, reason enough to improve it even more with a moving light system (conceived by lichterloh & invited live vjs) and the first Lambda Labs (recently named ‚the most impressive sound system of the world’ by berlin based magazine Groove) showroom on a festival site. the horn-loaded QX series with asymmetrical vertical coverage performs effectively by meeting the highest dynamic demands a next-level club room requests. thanks to the teamwork of Pro Performance &Leihwand.

on top of that, the daily (12-08am) by night line-up feat. names like Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Vril live, Ilian Tape Showcase, Volvox and many more next to a special surprise act (10pm sunday aftershow) could be also treated as an own festival itself. find the timetable at the app (pic from last year).