Za označevanje pri dogodkih je potrebno biti prijavljen!


”These days, a budding selector can stuff their DJ sets with obscure bombs more easily than ever. But only the best have the special knack for putting them together coherently. In other words, some people play tracks; others DJ. ETIENNE, a Berlin-based DJ with ties to Onur Özer, TC80 and the London crews Undersound and Art Of Dark, does this each time he steps up to the decks. He draws records from the same pool as many of the DJs associated with the new minimal scene, specialising in forgotten techno, electro and tech house. But like the top DJs from his scene and beyond, Etienne’s sets are considered, classy and smooth, moving between styles and sounds with well-timed transitions and a keen ear for melody. His sound as a producer reflects this restrained approach. He’s put out seven records so far, including this year’s Currently Idle LP on his new label Reductive.”

Warm up by Tzeno.

Music policy: techno/house/electro