Can You Dance to My Beat ?

Can You Dance to My Beat ?

Moment bar, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Za označevanje pri dogodkih je potrebno biti prijavljen!

Can you dance to my beet?
Let me see your moving feet,
take my music as a treat.
I don’t believe a word you say,
so come and show me - that’s the way.
Come and dance with us till morning light,
I don’t wanna hear ‘good night’.
Our DJs are truly music stars,
not seen this night in other bars.
Amazing event that you can’t miss,
always say yes to the tech-house & techno kiss.
These beats will make you glow,
I can promise you an awesome show.

My dancing beat Dj*s:
  Hachi ♬
  Kurillo ♬
  Belucci ♬
  Levis ♬
  Thomas ♬

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