Hangover Celebration with Oldies Goldies Techno

Hangover Celebration with Oldies Goldies Techno

Moment bar, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Za označevanje pri dogodkih je potrebno biti prijavljen!

Another year, new chapter...

It's time to celebrate hangover

. There’s always something to celebrate.
With other DJs we will create another unforgettable night, filled with love and music. This night we will rock your bodies with oldies goldies techno. Don’t miss it!

We expect you!
Come and dance with us till the morning sunrise.
Let the music speak.

Dj*s 4you  
DJ Drawle
Le za Vas, najboljša publika: Oldies Goldies, back to the roots, techno edition.
Terasa najljubšega Moment Bar-a, 8. februarja, vse od 23:30 pa do kosila.