Girls Night Special w/ Wallis (Berlin)

Girls Night Special w/ Wallis (Berlin)

Depo, Zagreb, Hrvaška

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14.03. Subota // Girls Night Special // DEPOklub

■ Wallis (Berlin) - DJ set

Wallis is a Parisian, placed in Berlin. She is a techno producer, mastering engineer and resident of Upperberry (Berlin). She is a founder of her own Jell records. Wallis got recognized with her serious live modular sets, and she proudly presents her very hard and industrial techno combined with some heavy metal beats and vocals and a punk attitude.

● Teychee aka Insurgency

● Katarina O*Halloran

● Lalita Kali

Supported by

Beck's Hrvatska
Red Bull
23:00 > 06:00
Klub Depo
Radnička cesta 27 (bivša tvornica Katran), 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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