UMEK revives Zeta Reticula

UMEK revives Zeta Reticula


It's been 13 years since UMEK released a track under his moniker Zeta Reticula. Up until now.


Fresh out on 1605, Zeta Reticula woke up from his (its?) long winter sleep with a new title - The Zeta Reticuli Incident. It reflects UMEK's big passion, electro. It's an hommage to his early years, when he gained his fame and glory as "a four-deck master".


"I can't stress enough how lucky I am that I was able to play music at that time. Having the opportunity to contribute to the early 00's developing scene is something I'll always look back to. Producing electro again brought back that nostalgic feeling, shitty hotel rooms, raving until the morning and missing flights in the afternoon. Still, I like where my career has brought me and I look forward to see where it's taking me. But letting Zeta out every once in a while gives me a thrill! It's like driving a vintage car.", Umek explained his guilty pleasure.


Does this mean he's going back to the roots? "Absolutely not. I feel very comfortable with my current style. It's interesting, however, to see how my old fanbase is constantly calling to bring "the old Umek" back. This has been the case ever since I leaned towards tech-house and they are extremely persistant. So, here you go. This is my gift to my old fans. I think your kids will hate it hehehe."


The Zeta Reticuli incident is already available on Beatport: and on vinyl.